Pool Competition

Newly built complex in 2015, the Taurama Aquatic Centre will host the Pool events at the 2018 Oceania Swimming Championships.

The Taurama Aquatic Centre features 

  • Main pool (50m) consisting of 10 lanes built by Myrtha that is 2m deep
  • Warm up pool (25m) consisting of 10 lanes built by Mrytha
  • Seating capacity catering for 2000 people 

  • Marshalling room and recording room 

  • Change rooms and bathrooms
  • VIP rooms 

  • Sports Shop and a Café

Taurama Aquatic Centre Rheem 2Taurama Aquatic Centre Rheem 2 


Open Water Competition

The Open Water Competition will be held in the Fairfax Harbour, located in the heart of Port Moresby. During the months of June/July, the harbour is well protected from the south easterly winds and is deep regardless of the tide and the time of the event. 

halifax harbour